About CCLEX Malta

Independent Immigration Lawyers and Tax Advisors 

Over the years, CCLEX lawyers have been providing professional assistance to private clients and high net worth individuals seeking to obtain permanent residence permits around the world for retirement, offshore living, international business travel or tax reasons.  With growth in the investment migration industry and more and more countries attracting skilled or investor migrants to stimulate their economies, CCLEX lawyers in key destinations also provide personal tax and tax residence advice within in Europe as well as the wider wealth and business structuring relevant to this context.

Private Client Focus

CCLEX lawyers specialise in providing sound immigration law advice and cross-border legal and tax assistance to private clients worldwide.  CCLEX lawyers are well positioned to serve private clients ranging from retirees, start-up entrepreneurs, to high net worth individuals and their family offices.  


Since the 1990s, CCLEX is a professional association of independent immigration lawyers from various countries.  CCLEX members meet regularly to discuss immigration law matters, publish joint research and national legal developments of interest to immigration and taxation.  CCLEX is not a legal entity and member lawyers and their law firms operate independently from each other. Client engagements are entered into directly with lawyers and the firms in each country.

CCLEX Immigration in Malta

CCLEX Global Immigration is represented in Malta by Dr Priscilla Mifsud-Parker, a warranted immigration lawyer and tax advisor.   Dr Mifsud Parker draws on the expertise of the association's international members while focussing her Maltese legal practice advising private clients and their advisors on matters of citizenship, residency and taxation.  CCLEX Malta has also grown to be regarded as the Maltese firm of choice by various leading professional firms in the EU and worldwide.