About Us

All About Chetcuti Cauchi

Chetcuti Cauchi is a professional services group providing legal, tax, fiduciary and accounting services to businesses and private clients worldwide. Chetcuti Cauchi started in the 1990s and has since established a solid name in the legal and financial services industry in Malta. With roots in Malta’s emergence as a prominent offshore financial centre, Chetcuti Cauchi enjoys a highly international profile and operates in Malta's capital city, Valletta.

At Chetcuti Cauchi we specialise in providing sound immigration law advice and cross-border relocation assistance to private clients worldwide.  Over the years, we have been providing professional assistance to private clients and high net worth individuals seeking to obtain permanent residence permits in Malta for retirement, offshore living, international business travel or tax reasons.  With Malta's growing reputation as a quality living destination and a tax-efficient residence solution in the European Union, we have increasingly advised on tax optimisation opportunities of moving to Malta under the appropriate residence scheme.

Our Driving Force

The firm has grown out of a commitment to be different. We have created a unique environment where nothing is taken for granted. Tried and tested practices are continuously subjected to creative and innovative revision. Business savviness and professional ambitions co-mingle with sound values of excellence, integrity and transparency.

Our Culture

The firm’s culture is marked by the high quality of our specialist advice and by our mutual involvement with our clients, backed by a strong sense of entrepreneurship necessary to understand our clients’ business. No less, we emphasize independence, transparency and responsiveness. We gauge the effectiveness of our teamwork by the degree of success achieved in our clients’ projects and we adopt a results-based approach across the board so that our clients’ success becomes our own success.  We stress the importance of a positive and open-minded attitude that inspires a firm-wide culture of viewing problems as opportunities, hence our long-standing reputation as constructive solution advisors.

The Firm in the Marketplace

The firm embraces professionals from various related sectors and this unique multi-disciplinary mix results in a greater learning experience for our members and all-encompassing results for our clients.  Chetcuti Cauchi is well positioned to service clients ranging from high net worth individuals and families, owner-managed companies to larger corporations and was one of the first to be approved as Authorised Registered Mandataries under the HNWI Programme Rules that introduced the regulation of immigration lawyers in Malta.  Our immigration attorneys are also authorised to handle applications for Maltese citizenship

 Chetcuti Cauchi has also grown to be regarded as the Maltese firm of choice by various leading professional firms in the EU and worldwide.