Living in Malta

Living in Malta has never been so attractive.  The Republic of Malta consists of Malta, Gozo and Comino and two small uninhabited islands, and is situated in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea.

History of Living in Malta

Throughout Malta’s long and chequered history, people living in Malta came into contact with many nations that dominated the Mediterranean. These relationships with people of so many different cultures made the Maltese amongst the most cosmopolitan people in the world. The people of Malta have developed and maintained characteristics which distinguish them as a peace-loving nation with a strong sense of hospitality. Another characteristic is their joviality which springs mainly from the agreeable, warm climate with sunshine throughout the year. For the same reason, living in Malta, residents here enjoy very high standards of health.

Mediterranean Living in Malta

The island’s natural scenic wealth, its colourful culture and heritage, political stability and the friendliness of its people have made Malta a unique and possibly one of the best jurisdictions to live in. It also has a taste of different types of Mediterranean countries and in fact one of the qualities of Malta is the fact that there are a number of multilingual persons living in Malta. Malta has been praised for its charming atmosphere, and for offering a safe environment. Indeed, 2014 have described Malta as being the “easiest place to integrate” and having a “Great Quality of Life".

Living in Malta's Vibrant Economy

In addition, Malta has affirmed its place as one of the European Union’s best performers in the 28th edition of the Internal Market Scoreboard. The Scoreboard gauges the Member States’ efforts in the implementation of Internal Market Law by recording the difference between the number of Internal Market laws adopted by the EU and those transposed into the laws of Member States. The report also found that Malta continues to be one of the EU Member States with the least infringement proceedings pending against it concerning the single market. The report findings confirms Malta’s commitment to the Single Market in view of the opportunities it gives rise to such as enabling individuals living in Malta and direct access to 27 other Member States and over 600 million people. Also, Malta's banks have been ranked amongst the top 5 soundest banks in the world.