Global Residence Citizenship Conference Singapore

During the Global Residence Citizenship Conference Singapore, this October, the Prime Minister Joseph Muscat said Malta's economy is out-performing the European one, creating jobs, attracting record-breaking tourist number, with fledging education and health sectors. We have a strong manufacturing base, a world class financial services centre, Europe's top remote gaming base, a country not only not charging its tertiary students for education but paying them to encourage further specialisation, offering free childcare services, and consistently cutting direct taxation. Dr Muscat said that there are three reasons why we believe Malta has much more potential. He identified human capital, the geo-strategic position and administrative agility. 

"So, if you are after the cheapest route to citizenship, Malta is not for you. If you are after flimsy due diligence, Malta is not for you. If you are after a programme that allows in all and sundry, Malta is not for you. But if you are after the best, share our vision, and want to join the highest end talent programme in the world, then Malta and our premium Citizenship for Investment programme are for you," concluded the Prime Minister at the Global Residence Citizenship Conference in Singapore.