Malta Citizenship Statistics Update

Objective light on the performance of the Malta Citizenship by Investment programme was shed by a parliamentary report on Malta citizenship statistics.  578 applications were filed in total in 2015, during the 2nd year of operation of the program. 476 passed to the 2nd stage of due diligence (formal compliance of an application means now Government due diligence can start).  147 were approved, of which 54 applicants were awarded citizenship. 102 didn't make it past the First Stage of due diligence due to missing documentation or were refused. 

Malta Citizenship Statistics Update Table
Total applications filed in 2015 (2nd year of the program): 578

Passed to 2nd stage due diligence:


Citizenship applications approved:

Applicants awarded citizenship: 54
Stuck / Failed Stage 1 due diligence:  102
Total Applications to date (families): 1,000

To date, we enjoy a 100% success rate. Our pre-application assessment and experienced opinion prior to filing any application means we file only eligible applications and that any eligibility issues are spotted at the outset and expertly handled to maximise the eligibility of an application, if at all possible.  Thereafter, files get approved smoothly within prescribed 4 month period with minimal risk of rejection (none to date). Citizenship is awarded upon expiration of the 12 month timeframe promised by the Malta citizenship rules.