Malta Citizenship: Family Applications

Maltese Citizenship allows family applications under the Malta Citizenship by Investment program.  This is in the spirit of Maltese legislation that reflects the importance attributed to the family unit and family unity in Maltese society.

Malta Citizenship Family Applications: Summary

  • Family applications allowed.
  • Dependent children < 27 (natural, adopted or step children) are eligible.
  • Dependent parents > 55 are eligible.
  • Application method: All related family members in one application at the outset.
  • Processing time: All family within 4 months.
  • Time to passport: 6 from applic. - 12 months from first residence of main applicant.
  • Children born to new citizens after grant of citizenship are automatically Maltese citizens.

Spouses & Partners in Malta Citizenship Family Applications

The Maltese Citizenship for Exceptional Services by Direction allows family applications to include married spouses as well as a partner in a stable and durable relationship with the main applicant.  Evidence of the durability and stability of the relationship needs to be provided.

Children in Malta Citizenship Family Applications

Also eligible for Malta Citizenship Family Applications are children under 18 years of age as well as children under 27 who are unmarried and who are financial dependent on the main applicant and the spouse.  This is also open to natural, adoptive and step children of both main applicant and his spouse/partner.  This is intended to cover children who are still studying or are otherwise still forming part of the household and how have not yet taken the independence.

Parents forming part of the Household

Parents of the main applicant as well as parents of the spouse or partner are also eligible for inclusion in a Malta Citizenship Family Application as long as they are over 55 years old, financially dependent and form part of the household of the main applicant.

Malta Citizenship Family Applications Process

The Individual Investor Program allows all related family members to apply together in one application at the outset.  The four month maximum processing time set by the MIIP Regulations applies also to Malta Citizenship Family Applications.  This means that the processing time for a single applicant and a large family is set to the same 4 month processing time.

Time to Passport & Genuine Link to Malta

The Malta Individual Investor program stipulates a minimum of 6 months from the filing of a full citizenship application to the grant and issue of citizenship to approved candidates.

Families applying for Maltese citizenship are also subject to a minimum residency of three or one year throughout which applicants spending a short time in Malta must demonstrate their strong connection with the Island state.  Only the main applicant needs to satisfy this requirement; however, connections demonstrated by family members also count towards strengthening the main applicant's connection with Malta.

This connection period runs one year prior to the Malta citizenship application.  Persons not already connected with Malta prior to their citizenship application can expect to obtain approval within 6 to 8 months and full citizenship after a total period of one year and two to four months of their first visit to Malta.  Persons already resident in Malta for one year may be granted citizenship earlier, within 6 to 8 months of the Malta citizenship application filing date.

We provide legal advice on how this can be achieved even by families and entrepreneurs that lead a very mobile and international lifestyle whilst remaining fully compliant with the requirements of Maltese and international law.

Descendents born after grant of Maltese Citizenship to Family Applications

Children born to new citizens after grant of citizenship are automatically eligible for Maltese citizenship.

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