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ACC runs a specialist Malta Immigration Agency and Malta Immigration Law practice specialising in Maltese Residence & Citizenship law.
Within the realm of second citizenship, our Malta immigration lawyers advise on the most appropriate citizenship programmes offered in Europe, invariably the Maltese and the Cypriot Citizenship by Investment programmes, being the most established European citizenship programmes offering citizenship in 12 months or under:
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Premier Malta Immigration Agents

ACC has positioned itself as the trusted advisor to the foreign investor and expatriate community in Malta.  As specialised Malta Immigration Agents, the law firm has run a specialised Malta Immigration Law practice for over 15 years and has handled by far the largest number of citizenship and residency applications on the island.
The firm’s leadership role in the area of Maltese immigration law is due to its specialist approach, building a team of now over 10 lawyers in Malta alone, focussing exclusively in immigration, residency, citizenship and corporate relocation.

Our Malta Immigration Agents provide holistic Legal & Tax Advice

In conjunction with the firm’s other specialised legal practices, our Malta Immigration Agents adopts a holistic approach to the legal, tax and financial implications of acquiring citizenship, residency or otherwise immigrating to Malta, including:

  • International Tax Advisory
  • Succession law & Estate Planning
  • Business Structuring & Formation of International Companies, Trusts & Foundations
  • International Property law, Property Due Diligence & Projects Advisory

We specialise in maximising our clients’ use of Malta as a safe and strategically located residency base or as a location for the family wealth structuring and business headquarters.  Our lawyers can tailor the citizenship application experience and plan expected time frames based on the specific circumstances and nature of each application.

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Malta Immigration Agents for Maltese Residency

In the area of European residency, our Malta immigration agents are licensed to represent clients’ family residency applications.  We provide Malta Residency Law advice, and we do so by focusing on your and your family’s specific needs, matching your requirements with the appropriate tax and residency programmes available in Malta.
At ACC we specialise in providing sound immigration law advice and cross-border relocation assistance to private clients and multi-national companies worldwide.  Over the years, we have been providing professional assistance to private clients and high net worth individuals seeking to obtain permanent residence permits in Malta for retirement, offshore living, international business travel or tax reasons.  With Malta’s growing reputation as a quality living destination and a tax-efficient residence solution in the European Union, we have increasingly advised on tax optimisation opportunities of moving to Malta under the appropriate residence scheme.  As certified Malta Immigration Agents, ACC enjoys a sterling reputation in representing applicants for Malta Residency by Investment, especially the Malta Global Reisdency Programme and the Malta Residence and Visa Programme.


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