Eligibility for Malta Citizenship

The main applicant for Malta Citizenship by Investment must be at least 18 years of age. Additionally, he or she must also fulfil a number of requirements:


‘Fit and Proper Test’

It is essential for applicants to demonstrate a clean criminal record which is to be verified with the International Criminal Court, INTERPOL and other authorities.

Due diligence of the highest standard is undertaken by the Government of Malta to ensure that only deserving and reputable applicants are allowed to proceed for the grant of Maltese Citizenship.


Good health

Applicants must be free of contagious diseases or health conditions which could considerably burden the Maltese health system.


Property Purchase or Rental

A main requisite for applicants is to invest in property in Malta. Applicants have the option to purchase a property of at least €350,000 or enter a property rental contract for at least €16,000 p.a, both on five year contracts.


Contribution to the National Development & Social Fund

The main applicant will be required to contribute a minimum of €650,000 to Malta in order to qualify for Maltese citizenship by investment. 70% of this contribution goes into a fund set up by the Government of Malta which is managed by a board of trustees. The other 30% will go to the consolidated fund.

Dependants of the main applicant, including the spouse, children, parents and grandparents are also eligible for Malta Citizenship. The spouse and children of the applicant are required to contribute €25,000. Unmarried children between 18 and 26, as well as dependent parents of the main applicant must contribute €50,000 each.


Investment in Bonds/Shares

Applicants will also be required to invest at least €150,000 in Government approved bonds/ shares from time to time which are to be kept for 5 years.


Genuine Link

The main applicant is required to demonstrate a genuine link with Malta which includes periods of physical residence in Malta. Your Approved Agents can obtain advance written approval from Identity Malta of their client’s proposed links. Prior to the granting of citizenship, applicants must have held a residence card for at least 12 months.