Malta Second Passports

The possibility to acquire Malta Second Passports is presented to investors of good standing. As a holder of a Malta Second Passport, the successful applicant will be able to travel freely to more than 166 countries without having to apply for a VISA. A Maltese second passport adds a number of benefits, among them border-free travels to USA and Canada.

How to get a Maltese second passport?

The concept of having a ‘passport’ is a relatively modern notion. Until about a hundred years ago, access to one country didn’t generally require official proof of citizenship or nationality in another one.

The increase of nation-states, nationalism, and particularly World Wars I and II made it vital for international travelers to submit passports when entering a country. Therefore, for a variety of reasons (vide benefits below), it has become increasingly important for individuals to have a second passport. A fast-developing economy, excellent educational system, top-rated, free healthcare and low tax rates make a Maltese second passport a great opportunity for high-net worth individual.

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The law regulating Malta Second Passports

The concept of dual or multiple citizenships was introduced in Malta in the year 2000. Act no III of 2000 amended the Constitution of Malta to make it possible for persons to hold the citizenship of another country. Article 7 of the Maltese Citizenship Act, Chapter 188 holds that “It shall be lawful for any person to be a citizen of Malta, and at the same time a citizen of another country”. Hence the creation of the possibility to acquire Malta Second Passports.

Benefits of a Maltese Second Passport

The benefits of having a Maltese Second Passport, as an addition to the one already held, include

Visa-free travel with a Maltese Passport by investment

Travel to more than 166 countries in the world including USA and Canada and have easy access to Schengen area. Indeed, your Maltese passport through investment will give you and your family the chance to travel with no border control for the rest of your life, as your Maltese second passport will entitle you to permanent Maltese citizenship.

Maltese second passport and tax planning benefits

Our pre-immigration tax planning service ensures our client avoid undue taxes. You can read more about our tax planning benefits.

Get a Maltese passport and enjoy a good quality of life

Becoming a Maltese citizen grants you the personal security and stability of a safe country, living in a nation enjoying a very stable political system and good quality of life, with a sound turism and financial sectors.

Passport Malta – better health care and education

With a Maltese passport you have access to top-rated, free healthcare. Indeed, the Maltese health care system has been rated by the WHO – World Health Organization – in the top 5 best healthcare in the world. Education in Malta is free, too, as well as transports, books and other school materials for students. For non-EU students the current university fee goes up to 20.000 euro.

Malta Second passport and property investment

Apart from these benefits, Malta is a European Member State therefore meaning that by the acquisition of Maltese Citizenship, one acquires the rights of citizens of the EU including the right to work, live and reside freely in the 28 Member States of the EU.

Qualifying for a Malta Second Passports

Malta second passports do not mean that one will have a duplicate of his existing passport. The new document will have a different passport number, expiry date, and thus will be treated as another passport.

Malta second passport – law firm

Maltese second passports allows an individual easier access to a second place of abode. It is the key to a new world of free movement, more flexibility and better tax planning.

Our firm can assist in all aspects of immigration and relocation and can help you in the process of obtaining such passport. Our immigration law department has vast experience in immigration and relocation.


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