Maltese Passport – Eligibility

The Maltese Passport is a biometric document issued to all individuals who acquire Maltese citizenship. The main benefit of a Maltese Passport is that it is a European Union Passport, and thus every Maltese citizen is automatically also a citizen of the European Union. A Maltese passport grant its citizens the right to reside, settle and work in any country within the EU as a result of free movement and residence rights granted by the EU Treaties.

Eligible to Maltese Passport – the application

Read more on eligibility to apply for Malta passport here (through the Citizenship by Direct Investment Programme)

Biometric Passport to those eligible to a Malta passport

A Maltese biometric passport is an electronic passport which aside from giving increased physical security in the document than a normal passport, has in addition an electronic chip which stores the exact same information which is displayed on the bio page of the passport, thus allowing additional checks to be made automatically by the border authorities, hence increasing the overall security of the document.

Advantages Malta Passport: Visa Free Travel

A Maltese Passport acquired through the Programme is no different than that of a person born in Malta, with the result that all benefits enjoyed by Maltese nationals are also enjoyed by individuals acquiring Maltese citizenship by Direct Investment. This includes free medical health care in Malta’s public hospitals and also free schooling for the dependents of the main applicant.

Maltese Passport: best for Visa-Free access

According to the latest Visa Restrictions Index, Maltese citizens enjoy visa-free or visa on arrival travel to 167 countries, ranking the Maltese Passport one of the best documents which give visa-free access to its holder. Visa-free travel destinations include all signatories of the Schengen Agreement which established the so called Schengen Area, as well as other countries including the US and Canada.


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